About Vincent alias Funky Porcupine

Funky Porcupine by Vincent

Hey Vincent, what's Funky Porcupine?

That's a pretty good question.

Funky Porcupine is simply an alias, which is easier to remember than a common name like mine. As I do love nature and animals, I couldn't find anything better than a porcupine as a personal kinda-brand name.

And a little bit of funky soul doesn't hurt anyone, don't you think?

Light in photography

I particularly like to pursue trivial nature subjects, work on a picture that enlighten a simple flower or just a branch, and play with the light to create an abstract frame.

Photography has always be a fantastic tool to create moody images.

Post-processing rocks!

By degree I'm a biomedical Engineer, specialized in imagery systems. Time goes by, and after co-created my own company in communication and design, I moved to different images. Besides properly taking pictures, I must precise I love being around optics and post-processing!

More about Vincent's creations

Funky Porcupine is dedicated to photography work and visual interpretations.

Goose Paul is a special project with silly drawings, around funny situations. Check Vincent's GoosePaul little stories.

Vincent photography work

Behind Funky Porcupine is the photographic work created by Vincent mostly around nature subjects.

Other project...