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Get photography prints by Vincent

Hey Vincent, is it possible to get prints?


I must admit I have a very personal process to create a picture.

During this own creative process, I think about wall frames. I try to work on images that will look interesting both on a screen and on a wall.

This is something very important to me, in my way to work on my photographies.

A little confession

During my work phase (which sometimes can take days, well most of the time...) I always walk on my room to look at my photography from different angles. As my workstation is on my living room, I'm able to have a look from different point, and even directly from my kitchen while I'm preparing a coffee.

So during my work, I take time to move away from my screen, to see if my picture speaks to me, if it transmits me the emotion.

Prints on Fine Art America

Some of my work is available on Fine Art America.

It's a wonderful company, and they are truly professional in printing frames, and carefully shipping them.

Also some fun decorative items are available such as mugs, t-shirts, and even iPhone cover case.

If you are interesting with those fancy items, you might just click on that button , which will kindly propulse you into my personal profile page there.

Vincent photography work

Behind Funky Porcupine is the photographic work created by Vincent mostly around nature subjects.

Other project...